What are you?

We Are Wreckless (old name "Project: Wreckless") is a music project formed in 2016 year. Current lineup consists of lead singer, guitarist and main songwriter James Konstantinov and his friends or people with similar mindset who are willing to contribute for the sake of Metal! Bands first album was written mostly in the early 20's of the James but a lot of the songs was co-written or contributed by Anton Degtiar (guitars), Roman Yarovoi (drums) and Arnold Skorik (guitars). In 2021 James decided to release singles before second album even recorded. He says: "In the time we live now, there no time to record an album every year and music should be release constantly. Also considering this band as hobby project". After enough material will be released there will be a break and then release of the full lenght LP with previous singles and also new meterial. So stay tuned, let's get out from the shadows! Follow, subscribe, share!